Games are a great way for children to interact with the environment. This way, it gets acquainted with the things it is surrounded by, and additionally learns useful skills. Simple manipulations contribute to the child's development: mental, physical and aesthetic. But! Educational games will be beneficial only if you have the right equipment and materials. Let our company take care of this. We sell colorful sorting games, puzzles, fidgeting toys and other toys that our craftsmen make with great love.

Ubee is a family business that we value!
UBumblebees is not just a company. It is a family business that we do with great pleasure. Our goal is not just to make and sell another toy, but our goal is to make you and your kids happy. Our wish is to give you positive emotions and be useful with the products we put a piece of our soul into.

What types of educational toys do we offer?
Our company makes educational toys that children adore. They are colorful and interesting. Here you will find a lot of different sorting games, which help your baby to learn numbers and letters with ease. It will discover and learn different types of animals and also learn about their babies.

Our games helps with active development of memory and attention, and also mastering necessary skills for the child. Your child can do all of this while having fun! Puzzles, fidgeting toys and sorting games are designed in such a way that the baby can play by itself, giving you the opportunity to relax and spend some time for yourself or taking care of the household.
Educational toys that are suitable for children and meet their age-specific characteristics.
Our employees love children and are well aware of their age-specific characteristics. That is why we are able to make useful toys that contribute to the full development of children by playing.
We care about potential risks and hazards and the safety of the products that your children will get into their hands, so we pay special attention to the quality of materials. All game elements are carefully designed and thought through. They have the right design and optimal size for the child.
We want your child to have the most fun and enjoy the toy you purchased from us for as long as possible, that is why we take responsibility for our products. We provide warranty, and the opportunity to exchange the items in case they are defect.
Order vivid, unusual and useful wooden educational toys with delivery across Ukraine!

Ubee - We develop the future!

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